Sally Hayden | Body Treatments
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Body Treatments

Swedish Massage

A traditional massage to help alleviate muscular tension and stress.

1 hour full body – £55
30 mins back & shoulders – £35

Hot Stone Massage

Boosts circulation, releases tension, detoxifies and recharges energy levels.

1 hour 15 mins body, face & scalp – £65.50
30 mins back – £39

G5 Massage

This mechanical massage helps reduce fluid retention and cellulite. A course of treatments in specific areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs is ideal.

30 mins – £34
Course of 10 treatments £306

Body Polisher

A body treatment using a natural exfoliant containing 4 gentle abrasive particles – white and brown sugar, salt and kiwi seeds, plus nourishing and softening shea butter. The treatment concludes with the application of Hydrazone Corps – a rich body lotion.

30 mins – £39.50

Aromatic Body Douceur

A treatment to tone and re-hydrate the skin with a sugar-kiwi body scrub followed by a massage using an energising blend of lemon, orange and grapefruit essential oils to invigorate and tone.

90 mins – £70

Techni-Slimming Body Treatment

Using an in-depth massage combined with carefully formulated serums and a unique body wrap technique, this specifically designed treatment combats the appearance of cellulite whilst inhabiting the formation of new fat in the targeted area.

1 hour – £65
Course of 8 treatments – £466.50
Arms can be added, please speak to therapist

Techni-Firming Body Treatment

Using a unique combination of in-depth massage and body wrapping technique, this effectivetreatment firms the body and tones the skin whilst fighting against skin slackening.

1 hour – £65
Course of 8 treatments – £466.50
Arms can be added, please speak to therapist

Back Hydraderm

Deep cleansing back treatment, which helps to improve the texture of the skin, whilst gently easing away the strain from tense muscles.